People who study such things tell us that a habit can be formed in 5-6 weeks.  What better time to form a new habit that helps us grow spiritually than Lent?  This year, we will be practicing an “Add-Lent” challenge; seeking to add a new habit or discipline to our daily life.

There will be four challenges:

  • BODY FOCUS: this challenge will incorporate the idea of meditation as a way of reorienting our bodies and minds. It will consist of a 6 week plan (2 weeks of meditating 5 minutes a day, followed by 2 weeks of meditating 10 minutes a day, then 2 weeks of 15 minutes a day).  A sheet will be available for every one who decides to do this, with suggestions for how to begin and sources.  This would be appropriate for all ages.
  • HEART FOCUS: this challenge will incorporate adding a daily time of prayer, using the ACTS acronym. There will also be a weekly focus on which to concentrate.  A sheet will be available for prompts and Scriptural foundation. This would also be appropriate for ages 6 and up.
  • MIND FOCUS: this challenge will have two options: to memorize a Bible verse a week, using social media prompts as reminders; or reading through the Gospel of Mark. Sheets will be provided with schedules and sources.
  • SOUL FOCUS: this challenge will be to use your drive/exercise/cleaning time to change the direction of your thought. A sheet will be available with suggestions for particular music or podcasts to listen to, as a way of shifting away from news or sports or entertainment.

The hope is that EVERY ONE OF US will utilize this opportunity.  It will require self monitoring and personal accountability, but since we will all be in this together, we can serve as encouragers and cheerleaders for each other.

The four options will be available at both sets of doors to the sanctuary beginning February 11th, which is the Sunday before Ash Wednesday.