FCC loves all gifts that are giving with a joyous, loving heart. Gifts of talent are one of the ways in which First Christian Church is able to do all the wonderful work we do with a limited budget. There are always opportunities for you to contribute your spiritual gifts. Perhaps you can sing or build or sew or write, whatever your spiritual gift may be; it is a gift you can share.

We are always seeking the following gifts:

  • Musicians: In addition to our choir, we enjoy showcasing our talented congregation during Sunday Morning Services. Whether you sing, but can’t participate in choir or play an instrument, we would love to know.
  • Cooks: We have a few options available to those seeking to share their love of food. Our Kids’ Group and Youth Group meet each week, with a dinner in between the two meetings. Dinners can be prepared at home and brought to church, prepared at church, or ordered and delivered to church. We also provide dinners to new parents, sick members, and those experiencing grief.
  • Teachers and Leaders: Those who teach or just exhibit a love of children are welcome to contribute their time to one of our many children’s groups, adult Sunday School classes or other groups.
  • Artists: We have a deep love of art at First Christian Church and we would love to use your art in our publications, host a class or simply exhibit it.

Please see our 2018 Commitment Booklet and Survey to see more opportunities.

If your gift isn’t listed above, that doesn’t mean that we don’t need you. Please speak to Rev. Smothers about contributing your talent to the life of the church.