Refugee Ministry Update

FCC has been notified by the Kentucky Refugee Ministries (KRM) that no more refugees will be allowed to immigrate to the USA at least until 10/1/2019. It is also uncertain as to how many KRM will be able to accept after 10-1-2019 since it will depend on a cap set by the President of the United States in consultation with Congress for the next fiscal year. Assuming refugees will continue to arrive after 10/1/2019, we hope to assist in helping with a resettlement in late October or November. For now, everything is on hold and we will keep you informed as we learn more. Donated home items will be kept in storage and financial donations will be set aside until a final decision is reached about when and if FCC can help with a refugee resettlement. If you want your donated items or financial contributions returned now, please let the church know and this can be arranged. Questions can be directed to Bob or Cathy Culbertson or Martha Harris.

Thank You for Backpack Sunday

DWF I & II would like to thank all those who donated backpacks to the children of Scott County schools.   85 backpacks and, with $350 from the Toyota Employer Matching Funds program and $250 from the ladies of DWF, $600 in school supplies was donated by FCC to help Scott County Students begin the new school year prepared. Thank you to everyone for caring!

“We Make the Road by Walking It” Group

Starting September 1st, a year-long group will be reading “We Make the Road by Walking It” by Brian McLaren and discussing each week’s readings in a private Facebook group. The book includes 52 short chapters that help explore the overarching story and themes of the Bible. Copies are available for purchase for $7.00 each or can be purchased on your own. Nate Alexander and Chris Cash will be facilitating the online discussion – please contact them or the church office if you’d like to be a part of the group.

FCC Directory

It’s finally here! The FCC pictorial directory was sent out electronically on Wednesday, April 24th. There are a few changes that still need to be made, so the printed version will not be available until early May. A special thanks to Kathy Nippert for all the work she put into this project. The directory can be found on the Members page or by contacting the office at


Please remember to return your headsets to the baskets located in the narthex or back hallway. You may provide your own headphones, but the headset should remain in the church.

Sound System Volunteers Needed

If you have experience operating a sound system and would like to volunteer to operate the sound system in the sanctuary during the worship service, please contact Phil Logsdon at

Thank You

For the new hearing devices now available at both Sanctuary doors and purchased from the memorials to Marie Jones; a big thank you goes to Phil Logsdon who researched, ordered and installed the system.

Kroger Rewards Code

You can support FCC through your Kroger Rewards. Just enter code 10728 on your rewards account.