What Do We Bring to the Table?

Next week the Stewardship committee will begin the pledge drive campaign “What Do We Bring to the Table?” on Sunday, September 16th. Pledge cards are available in the Gathering Area hallway. Pledge Commitment Sunday will be September 30th.

2019 Budget Planning

The Stewardship committee would like all proposed expenses for the budget to be submitted to the office by Sunday, September 16th. If you have questions, please contact Lee Thomas.

Youth and Kids Groups Resume

The Youth and Kids Groups will begin meeting again on Wednesday nights starting at August 8th. the Kids’ Group (grades K through 5) meets from 5:30-6:30 pm and the Youth Group (grades 6 through 12) meets from 7:00-8:00. The meal for both Kids and Youth is at 6:30 pm.

Choir Rehearsal Resumes

Choir rehearsals will resume on Wednesday, August 22nd and will continue on Wednesday nights at 7:00 pm.

Volunteers Needed for Youth and Kids Meals

There is a sign up sheet on the bulletin board in the Gathering Area hallway for those interested in providing the meal for the Kids and Youth Groups on Wednesday nights.

No CWW July 29th & August 5th

Children Worship and Wonder will not meet on Sundays, July 29th and August 5th. Children ages 4 through 2nd grade will remain in the sanctuary for the service. There are totes for the children in the narthex containing activities. This time is being used to plan and prepare for CWW for the upcoming year. July 29th, Jean Hall will lead interested children in singing and crafts in the Fellowship Hall.

No Cabinet Meeting in July

The Cabinet will not meet in July.


Please remember to return your headsets to the baskets located in the narthex or back hallway. You may provide your own headphones, but the headset should remain in the church.

Adult Sunday School Class

The Lectionary Based Adult Sunday School class, led by Reggie Gentry, will resume on Sunday, August 5th at 9:30 a.m. The Chapel Class will continue meeting throughout the summer.

No Youth Group for Summer

The Youth and Kids Groups will not meet over summer vacations. Please stay on the look out for extra events to keep the kids connected with each other and FCC!

Sound System Volunteers Needed

If you have experience operating a sound system and would like to volunteer to operate the sound system in the sanctuary during the worship service, please contact Phil Logsdon at logsdon.phil@gmail.com.

Thank You

FCC would like to thank everyone who helped clean and update the nursery. Please stop by and see the new look. If you have something you purchased for the nursery, please remember to bring it in.

Snacks Needed for The Gathering Place for Women and Children and Elizabeth Village

Over the summer, we will have a picnic basket in the narthex for you to place contributions for snacks for the children who live or visit at our neighbor, Elizabeth Village. We are asking for such things as granola bars, yogurt cups, apples and raisins.

Thank You

For the new hearing devices now available at both Sanctuary doors and purchased from the memorials to Marie Jones; a big thank you goes to Phil Logsdon who researched, ordered and installed the system.

Pastor Molly’s Vacation Schedule

Leon and Pastor Molly will be on vacation May 21stthrough June 4th.  In an emergency, please contact the elder of the week:
May 27th– June 2nd:  Cam Culbertson at 859-797-4791
June 3rd– 4th:  Bob Culbertson at 502-370-7661.

Thank You

The gifts totaling $1,180.00 for Blanket Sunday and Church World Services, DWF I and II thank you!

April “Shower” to Update the Nursery

April Showers Bring May Flowers! Well, in our case, we’re excited to tell you about an April Shower we are having to update our nursery and toddler rooms. These rooms are used by our youngest church family members and definitely need some attention. And, we’d like your help. On Sunday April 8th, the work group will be handing out cards with items that are needed. Extra cards will also be on the bulletin board for anyone who didn’t get one (or two). We ask that you bring your items back anytime during April. We hope to have everything completed in early May. In the meantime, if anyone has a crib in good shape that meets current safety standards or a changing table that you’d like to donate, please call Barb Southworth at 502-542-9309. Many thanks to our work group; Marcia Wallace, Shira Birdwhistle, Lauren Rogers, Laura McDonald, Christy Messick, Carly Dickinson, and Alison Fisher, the Property Committee, and many thanks to our congregation in advance for helping our little folks grow in our church.

Kroger Rewards Code

You can support FCC through your Kroger Rewards. Just enter code 10728 on your rewards account.

Camp Wakon’Da-Ho

Registration forms for Camp Wakon’Da-Ho are now available to anyone who would like to register their child for summer camp. The camps run from June 1st through September 2nd. FCC will pay for one-half of the cost of the camp for each child who participates. Please contact Chris Prichard for more information at c.prichard@moreheadstate.edu.

ADD-Lent Challenges Available

ADD-Lent Challenges are now available in the gathering area and front of the church, and by clicking here.

Camp Wakon’Da-Ho Event and Fee Schedule

Click here to see the camps available, dates of the camps, more information and the fee schedule. If you are interested in your child attending camp, please contact Chris Prichard at c.prichard@moreheadstate.edu or download the registration form here. FCC will pay half of the cost of the camp for each child who attends. Please have all forms and fees in by April 30th.

New Volunteer Opportunities

The Immigrant Initiative in Scott County is looking for volunteers to drive people to Louisville and Lexington (often for an ICE meeting during the week during work hours). These are folks without transportation and very, very limited resources, so paying an Uber driver to get to one of these meetings can be prohibitive. The Initiative reimburses volunteers 50 cents per mile. If you are interested contact Bruce Gordon brugor@mac.com

Bluegrass Hospice Care will be offering a volunteer training course to anyone interested in volunteering on Monday, February 26th at 5:30 pm at the Scott County Public Library.  There is no cost or obligation to become a volunteer for anyone taking the class, but Registration is required.  If you are interested in attending, please contact Kelly Kendall at kkendall@bgcarenav.org.

Family Parking Now Available

There are parking spaces available for expectant mothers and families with small children.  The East College Street and Clinton Street parking lots each have two parking spaces marked with signs designated for those families.